In Deed: Page 79

Here is Page 79 of In Deed.

This was supposed to be Friday’s episode, but it got delayed due to a malware attach that managed to infect the site. I do almost all of my writing on weekends now, but between fixing the site, and doing the things that I had already planned to do this weekend, I got NO writing done. Zero.

So its not looking good for the rest of the week. Check back on Wednesday and Friday as usual, but don’t get your hopes up.


  1. nate, May 31, 2010:

    I just checked the site out of curiosity and WOW. What a way to return. I understand completely about the rest of the week if nothing else is posted, but thanks for this holiday surprise.

    I never expected Gilliam to go like that. The only thing missing is what is Shaw doing while this is happening?

  2. epm, May 31, 2010:

    If Shaw is runing while screaming like a girl in a Friday 16 movie, she really deserves her fate. If she is fixing the gun to be able to shoot the soldier she got a point.
    Actually, killing Gilian may not have been her best move. Not when this creature is around.

  3. DarkIcon, June 1, 2010:

    Oh come on, guys, If you don’t already at least STRONGLY SUSPECT what Shaw is doing then I’m not doing my job correctly.

  4. nate, June 2, 2010:

    I expect she’s recovering the rifle and getting the hell outta there, probably looking for a place to hide. None of her actions will be easy or quick though due to her injuries.

    There’s also a chance that she’s morbidly fascinated by what is happening, and is just watching it in a state of mesmerization.

  5. epm, June 4, 2010:

    No, she already expected something like this to happen, so, she is not standing there mesmerized.
    If she runs she will doom the people down there. Unless she damages the controls of the drilling machine beyond use before, if she does it she will just trap them down there. She could do this and latter run for the outside trying to get to her original ship while the soldier is busy with the others, that is, if the soldier decide to go after them instead of her.
    She could also try to talk with the soldier, she almost did it before.
    The only thing that can really kill the soldier is the drilling machine (if the soldier is in the pit).

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