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30 Jun

In Deed: Page 88

Here is Page 88 of the scifi/horror serial “In Deed”

28 Jun

In Deed: Page 87

Obviously Page 87 was supposed to be Friday’s cliffhanger. Unfortunately, when Friday night got here it was still just a sequence of events existing completely inside my head. Sorry about that. There’s actually an explanation for the increase of skipped episodes lately, but I won’t get into that here.

23 Jun

In Deed: Page 86

Here’s page 86 of “In Deed”

21 Jun

In Deed: Page 85

Here is Page 85.

16 Jun

In Deed: Page 84

Here’s Page 84 of In Deed.

14 Jun

In Deed: Page 83

Here’s Page 83 of the sci-fi serial, “In Deed”. Just in time for lunch!

We’re picking up with Ethan and Stryger. No, the nannite soldier isn’t gonna drop into the middle of them and start kicking ass just yet. Some interesting things have been happening in the mine shaft while Gilliam and Shaw were trying to stay alive up top.

Let’s find out what they are…

11 Jun

In Deed: Page 82

Here’s Page 82 of “In Deed”.

So far, I’ve gone from absolutely wanting my own plasma rifle to “Ehh… maybe not.” I think it’s very possible that Stryger’s folks (or Gilliam himself) modified these weapons to be more powerful at the expense of key safety systems. True, Gilliam’s weapon did get caught in an explosion, but refusing to work at all when damaged may or may not be preferable to a high percentage chance of exploding when the trigger was pulled. I can see advantages to each. The advantage shifts considerably when the person wielding the gun is expected to be wearing armor.

…whatever. I’m rambling.

9 Jun

In Deed: Page 81

Page 81 of “In Deed” is right here.

6 Jun

In Deed: Page 80

Here’s page 80 of “In Deed”.