In Deed: Page 87

Obviously Page 87 was supposed to be Friday’s cliffhanger. Unfortunately, when Friday night got here it was still just a sequence of events existing completely inside my head. Sorry about that. There’s actually an explanation for the increase of skipped episodes lately, but I won’t get into that here.


  1. nate, June 28, 2010:

    Skipped episodes are definitley missed, but we know that sometimes things happen that you just can’t control. Better late than never is the way I look at it.

    One question, what is that black fluid that the nannite soldier loses whenever it’s injured? I figure it’s supposed to be blood, but why would the nannites go to that extreme of mimicking the soldier?

    So we’re left with Stryger falling down the hole and no mention of where Tandem is…

  2. nate, June 28, 2010:

    Wait a minute. Aren’t the fuel cells strapped to the platform that Ethan just disengaged? Is he sacrificing the ability to get off the planet?

    Also, that black ooze from the soldier is covering Tandem’s hand. If the ooze is composed of nannites, will they take over and transform Tandem into the soldier?

    Such a good story, with so many possibilities ahead.

  3. DarkIcon, June 28, 2010:

    The cells are strapped to the support frames. Ethan is clinging to one as well. Ethan was planning on dropping the platform the whole time, so he “convinced” the others to lash the cells the the frames so they wouldn’t roll off the side during the ascent. They fell for it. heh, heh… “fell”…

    Earlier in the story Ethan was concerned that the nannites might infect Tandem. That would still a valid concern IF Ethan and Stryger had been 100% right in their assessment of what’s happening. However there is just a *tad* bit more going on with the soldier that they’re not aware of. Besdies… regular nannites would have just assimilated the lot of them as soon as they set foot in the facility.

    There’s not that much “ahead” left. We’re very close to the end.

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