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30 Aug

In Deed: Page 99

Here’s page 99.

…it’s not that they’ve all forgotten something vitally important. It’s just that they’ve go nothing ELSE to do.

23 Aug

In Deed: Page 98

Here is Page 98 of In Deed.

18 Aug

In Deed: Page 97

…and here is Page 97. Probably the last one until Monday.

16 Aug

In Deed: Page 96

Here’s page 96 of In Deed.

9 Aug

From the Archives: What Ever Happened to Janie Feinburg?

I came across this story during a recent search of my hard drive. It’s not all that old… April, 2009. My intent was to create a superhero fiction series using the 500-words format that I’m still using now. This was to be the first story of that series, introducing not only an entire collection of interesting characters, but the world they inhabited and its very long history as well. I spent a LOT of time coming up with a LOT of back-story for this universe. If you have ever read comic books, imagine coming up with the ENTIRE history of the Marvel or DC universe… just as backstory. Yeah, I did that. Those notes weren’t with this story fragment, so I’m not sure they survived. After re-reading it, there are a few places where I can’t remember what I had in mind, although it’s a safe bet that every name and event that is mentioned was supposed to be significant in some way.

Speaking of names, there is ONE name here that you might find familiar. I’ll leave the research to you. I’ll have a few more comments after the fragment.

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9 Aug

In Deed: Page 95

Here’s Page 95 of “In Deed”.

…at least SOMEBODY didn’t see that coming.

Since I had to work this past Saturday (both jobs) the rest of the week is looking very iffy. But you know what WASN’T working Saturday? My computer. She took a nice little vacation Friday night. Virus Scan, Profanity-laden tirade, Reinstall OS, Re-Install apps, rinse, repeat. Not data was lost, fortunately.

I will be posting a little something extra tonight, though, probably in a couple of hours. If you’re reading this on Monday night and don’t see anything new, check back in a little while. If you’re reading this after Monday night then you’ve probably already seen it.

4 Aug

In Deed: Page 94

Here’s page 94 of In Deed

2 Aug

In Deed: Page 93

Here’s Page 93 of In Deed.

I’ll say one thing about Ethan Forge: He’s smarter than me. A few things are going to happen in the next few pages. They were ALWAYS going to happen, in the plan from the beginning of the story. What Ethan does on Page 93 was never one of those things. I guess that’s why he’s the secret agent and I’m just some dude writing down what he does. Strange he didn’t think of that before, though.