In Deed: Page 93

Here’s Page 93 of In Deed.

I’ll say one thing about Ethan Forge: He’s smarter than me. A few things are going to happen in the next few pages. They were ALWAYS going to happen, in the plan from the beginning of the story. What Ethan does on Page 93 was never one of those things. I guess that’s why he’s the secret agent and I’m just some dude writing down what he does. Strange he didn’t think of that before, though.


  1. nate, August 3, 2010:

    Cool, and a plug for December Nights…

    Glad to see you’ve made it back for another page.

  2. nate, August 3, 2010:

    I guess the Asylum Walls is dead, so I’ll make these comments here at the latest page of the blog.

    I’m catching up on some movies I’ve wanted to see for years and if I think anyone here will like them I’ll post a short bit.

    1978: I Spit on your Grave. I know it’s being remade and can’t wait to see the new one, but the original is terrific considering the time it was made. 4 guys rape a woman and leave her for dead, but she survives and proceeds to get revenge one by one. The bathtub scene alone is enough to make most guys cringe. Enought T&A and graphic violence in it that I’m surprised it wasn’t banned back then.

    1972?: Deliverance. I’ve heard a lot about this one over the years. I thought it was ok, nothing really spectacular.

    The Exorcist: I finally saw this one too. Again, I thought it was just ok.

    Out of the above 3, if you can find the first one take the time to see it. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  3. epm, August 3, 2010:

    Well, I posted something in the Asylum Walls recently.
    He didn´t think of that before because he didn´t know what that soldier was before.
    Or, at least, was not sure.
    Besides, people are like this, we do not have all the answers at once, sometimes we need time to see the obvious.
    Even the undulating pink obvious (brasilian idiomatic expression – undulating obvious -> something that is so easy to see that it is as if it was moving right in front of your face).

  4. DarkIcon, August 3, 2010:

    The Asylum Walls is dead? Perhaps in the sense that no one goes there anymore, but it should still be functional. I don’t do much beyond loading the main page just to see if it works every once in a while. If there hadn’t been any posts within the past 24hrs of me loading that page, then I would miss it entirely.

    I never saw the original “Spit on Your Grave” but I saw an extended preview of the remake that looked awesome.

    I guess I’m one of the few people who thinks the Exorcist was overrated. I saw it recently. It had some great scenes, but as a whole it’s not any better than a lot of other movies I’ve seen from the same time period. I’ve certainly seen better recent movies. “Fallen” and “Seven” are both religion-themed movies that are better than the original Exorcist, IMO.

    Never saw Deliverance.

  5. DarkIcon, August 3, 2010:

    BTW, I am 95% certain that there will not be a page on Friday. Wednesday’s page is already done.

    These days, whatever doesn’t get written on Saturday doesn’t get written, period. So… yeah.

  6. nate, August 3, 2010:

    The AW pages just don’t seem to load right any more. Not worth worrying about though. Then again, some of the user contributed stories might be worth revisiting. Maybe I’ll try it with a different browser.

    I too thought Exorcist was overrated.

    I remember Fallen being pretty good, and I have se7en in my pile of DVD’s to watch.

  7. DarkIcon, August 3, 2010:

    BTW again… “undulating pink obvious” is definitely getting used somewhere. Definitely.

  8. nate, August 3, 2010:

    Oops, one more thing, just a bit about Deliverance.

    4 guys taking a canoe trip through a river in the Appalachian mountains. There’s a large dam being built that will turn the area into a lake, burying the local town, and they want to take this trip while it’s still a river. Two of them get accosted by some locals in the mountains, and one of them is forced to squeal like a pig while being raped. They kill the rapist, but the other one gets away and proceeds to track them as they try to escape.

    It wasn’t great, but it’s worth seeing if you get a chance.

    I’ll be back tomorrow. Thanks for the head’s up about Friday. I continue to hope things improve for you.

  9. Caber, August 3, 2010:

    Deliverance is great, one of Burt Reynolds earlier movies. Ned Beatty, John Voight, a virtual cast of all stars.

    I always confuse “I spit on your grave” with “Children shouldn’t play with dead things”. I haven’t seen either one in some time, I should look into them again.

    Story is moving along nicely but I can see the end is near. My vote is for a December story next. We need more Zade.

  10. nate, August 3, 2010:

    I’d like to see the current story line in Crusade completed myself, but more December would be great.

    From what I remember, Zade’s currenlty embroiled in story (Captive Souls?) that doesn’t look like it’ll ever be completed. DI didn’t hve the time to finish it back when it was going, and he certainly doesn’t have the time now. Of course he could always work around that little issue.

    The December spinoff story I’d really like to see is the one where the Tower Guard attempts to capture Eric Hood.

    Thanks for yet another movie title that I’m going to have to look up now…

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