In Deed: Page 95

Here’s Page 95 of “In Deed”.

…at least SOMEBODY didn’t see that coming.

Since I had to work this past Saturday (both jobs) the rest of the week is looking very iffy. But you know what WASN’T working Saturday? My computer. She took a nice little vacation Friday night. Virus Scan, Profanity-laden tirade, Reinstall OS, Re-Install apps, rinse, repeat. Not data was lost, fortunately.

I will be posting a little something extra tonight, though, probably in a couple of hours. If you’re reading this on Monday night and don’t see anything new, check back in a little while. If you’re reading this after Monday night then you’ve probably already seen it.


  1. nate, August 10, 2010:

    I sure didn’t see that coming. I figured Tandem was down for the count.

  2. epm, August 10, 2010:

    I didn´t see it coming.
    Also thought that Tandem was gone.

  3. nate, August 11, 2010:

    Back on page 93 Ethan was shouting out a bunch of stuff to get the nannites to stop, and part of that was old codes. Were those codes really being used to reactivate Tandem?

  4. DarkIcon, August 11, 2010:

    Hey, I wish I’d thought of that! But no, he was just shouting almost everything he knew in hopes that something stuck. Tandem was in the background during all of that, slowly getting up off the floor. Ethan and Shaw would have seen her clearly, but the soldier doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head.

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