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30 Sep

In Deed: Pages 103 and 104

Here are pages 103 and 104 of “In Deed”. Sorry for the delay.

14 Sep

In Deed: Page 102

Here it is.

9 Sep

In Deed: Page 101

Here is page 101 of the sci-fi horror story “In Deed”.

This page was intended to be both page 101 and 102, but I wasn’t happy with the way the text flowed when I broke it, so I left it as one chunk. Yes, this does mean that there won’t be a page Friday.

2 Sep


I lost another hard drive last night. It didn’t have anything vital (like writing), but it did have quite a few things that I really didn’t want to go without. Like my ENTIRE music collection.

Good thing I had it backed up.

Let’s plug in this other external hard drive that I have sitting around…

…huh? What’s that smell?

Is that smoke!?

…the fuck!? NO! NOOOOOO!

Sometimes I swear… The universe may not hate me, but it is CLEARLY an asshole and thinks that I’m an asshole too.

1 Sep

In Deed: Page 100

Here’s page 100 of “In Deed”.

I actually had to look up the name of the ship, because I have forgotten what it was. I guess that’s what happens when I pick some random name instead of coming up with one that has some special connection or meaning.