In Deed: Page 100

Here’s page 100 of “In Deed”.

I actually had to look up the name of the ship, because I have forgotten what it was. I guess that’s what happens when I pick some random name instead of coming up with one that has some special connection or meaning.


  1. nate, September 2, 2010:

    To be honest, I’d forgotten the ship’s name too. Not that it’s really important. I haven’t forgotten that the fuel cell slots are stuffed with dead bodies though.

    Thanks again for the update. Enjoy the holiday weekend, and I’ll check back next week to see what the nannite-soldier is up to.

  2. epm, September 3, 2010:

    Well, I wonder if the nanite soldier or whatever it really is did some other damage to the ship.
    It also may not have been able to leave the planet under his own power for some reason.

  3. nate, September 3, 2010:

    I think there’s still at least one unrevealed surprise. Remember, a page or two ago Ethan was saying something about an outside force needed to allow the nannites to reconstruct after being caught in the fuel cell blast(s).

    I can see the possibility of more damage to the ship, but then again I would have thought it’s original damage to the ship would have been more extensive. Just removing the fuel cells isn’t as effective as removing and destroying them would have been.

  4. DarkIcon, September 3, 2010:

    It can’t leave the planet for a reason which will be obvious soon. The same reason it has survived emps and explosions which should have destroyed a cloud of nannites. There’s more going on than has been presented so far.

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