In Deed: Pages 103 and 104

Here are pages 103 and 104 of “In Deed”. Sorry for the delay.


  1. nate, September 30, 2010:

    Cool, a two-fer. Actually, I saw 103 yesterday so it’s not new to me, but 104 a day early!

    Interesting developments in these two pages. I’m really wondering what Ethan’s going to do next, and I don’t think Tandem is out of it for good just yet. Thanks for continuing the story.

  2. nate, October 4, 2010:

    Random thought, nothing to do with the story. WereWolf should do a painting of Wonder Woman like he did for the Scarlet Witch.

  3. nate, October 5, 2010:

    Page 105 comments:

    OK, so Tandem DID come back. I kind of expected that. Now it looks like she’ll sacrifice herself by being locked in the cargo bay with the soldier. But if that were accurate, then if the ship escaped the soldier would go with it. Is that what it’s been after all along? Since it was given orders decades ago to implement plans on the planet, does that mean if it’s no longer on the planet it will have no reason to exist?

    As for the dust, the soldier is made out of it, the storm is made out of it, Ethan is taking notice of it…what’s actually going on with it?

  4. nate, October 12, 2010:

    10 days since my last post. Anyone alive out there?

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