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18 Oct

In Deed: Page 107

Here is page 107 of In Deed.

The last few pages up to and including this one all happened on a MUCH grander scale in my head. I envisioned this as one of those epic fights on the scale of Zade vs. Faction in “Frozen Hearts”. Obviously this is not that fight. In hindsight, I spent more time telling rather than showing… probably a sign of laziness on my part.
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12 Oct

In Deed: Page 106

Here’s page 106 of “In Deed”.

Wow. Did I vastly misjudge the length of THIS story. Yes, we’re very close to the end, but we’re almost up to the length of “Court of the Abominatrix”, and I figured this story would be shorter than that one. Oh well, I never was good at these things.