In Deed: Page 107

Here is page 107 of In Deed.

The last few pages up to and including this one all happened on a MUCH grander scale in my head. I envisioned this as one of those epic fights on the scale of Zade vs. Faction in “Frozen Hearts”. Obviously this is not that fight. In hindsight, I spent more time telling rather than showing… probably a sign of laziness on my part.

Oddly enough, in the ORIGINAL version of the story, before the “Book of Dark Places” version, Tandem was a male cyborg and was the second person to die. So obviously there was no cyborg/soldier fight. Instead, this part of the story was Ethan and the soldier fighting hand to hand on the hull of this ship as it was taking off. Ethan was clearly a much badder ass in that version. I’m still at a loss for how I was going to render that in Poser.

Speaking of Poser and the “Book of Dark Places”, I thought you might like a look at what could have been. The armor I was going to use for the soldier was going to be based on this figure. Obviously the helmet needed to be different. I was going to try to make the helmet from this figure work. If it didn’t work with the first suit, then I’d scrap the first one and just go with the second. In either case, I was gonna have to do some texture work to get that “ancient zombie-armor” look. But while I was looking up those two links, I came across something that wasn’t available at the time. Check it out. It’s still not the perfect helmet, but I probably would have jumped on it had it been out when I needed it.

Anyway, now that I’ve completely ruined all of your mental images, there are still a few more surprises in store…


  1. nate, October 19, 2010:

    That first image is pretty much how I imagine the soldier looking, without the breathing canisters at his mouth. Replace those with a dark faceshield and that’s it.

    I recently re-read the whole BODP collection, including the pages for this story. I much prefer the written word, and would love to see St. Noir fleshed out in written form.

    Page 107 was ok, nothing really special going on that I can see. I’m glad to hear there are still a few more surprises coming.

  2. nate, October 19, 2010:

    Read it again, and I just don’t understand why the nannites don’t just go into cloud form and spread out. The ship is in an atmosphere so there’s no chance of being sucked out the door because of vacuum.

    I guess the question is: What’s the driving force that keeps the nannites in soldier form except for very extreme circumstances?

  3. DarkIcon, October 19, 2010:

    The soldier isn’t exactly smart, and is very single-minded. (Kinda like a machine, eh?) If Tandem wasn’t hanging onto his back then the soldier would have “dusted” and just flowed back into the ship. That’s why she did what she did… she literally has to fight him all the way to the ground, to keep his attention on her. The soldier was already having success in not falling out of the ship before Tandem showed up, so there was no need to change tactics at that point.

  4. nate, October 19, 2010:

    That makes sense. So Tandem will fight him all the way to the ground, then on the ground until only one is left. Assuming the soldier wins, will the nannites be able to fly back up to the ship?

    I know, too many questions. I’ll try to wait and see how it all unfolds. You can bet this will be one story I go back and read from start to finish when it’s over.

  5. epm, October 24, 2010:

    I have a theory about where this will end, but I will keep it to myself for now.

    Change of topic.
    Halloween is only day 31 but I was seeing a lot of ghosts about two weeks ago and now I do not see so many.

  6. nate, October 25, 2010:

    EPM: Go ahead and share your theory. Maybe if we get some conversation going here others will join in.

    DI: Happy Birthday!

  7. nate, October 29, 2010:

    This is unsual. No update or notice for over 10 days. I hope everything is ok and it’s just work related, or maybe a vacation.

  8. DarkIcon, October 29, 2010:

    Actually, no. My father had a stroke last week. He’s alive (and getting better daily) but writing is pretty much on hold for the moment. Sorry for the lack of announcement, but I’ve been busy, plus I had reservations about making announcements concerning other people’s health on here, but I got over it.

  9. nate, October 29, 2010:

    So sorry to hear that. I certainly hope your father recovers, and the rest of the family isn’t too stressed. I’ll mention it in my prayers for what it’s worth, and will wait patiently for things to resume.

    Family always comes first.

  10. epm, November 1, 2010:

    Same here. Hope everything goes well.

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