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30 Nov

Here we go again

It looks like we’ll all be waiting a little while longer for the final pages of “In Deed”. I didn’t get nearly as much writing done over the long weekend as I had planned. As it turns out, I’m extremely glad I didn’t. My computer died on Sunday. And since what I had written so far hadn’t yet been transferred to backup, everything I had put down so far died with the computer. No problems, though… I just plugged in the backup computer, re-installed all my software and-
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24 Nov

In Deed: Page 109

As promised, here is page 109 of “In Deed”.

Yes the story is almost over, but clearly it is not over YET. There won’t be an update on Friday.

22 Nov

In Deed: page 108

The unplanned hiatus is over. Here is page 108 of “In Deed”.

There will be a page on Wednesday, but not on Friday. I plan to get some writing done over the long weekend; but my plans haven’t been amounting to much lately so we’ll see. You should see a page on next Monday at the very least.

7 Nov

The last couple of weeks

It occurred to me that there might be people who don’t read the comments and thus missed my explanation of why there has been a lack of updates recently. My father had a stroke and I had to make an unexpected trip back home. That, combined with having to work for the last few weekends (including THIS weekend and NEXT weekend), didn’t leave a lot of time for writing. Since I only write on weekends these days, I don’t expect to have any writing down for the next week or two. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing; I just don’t have the time or temperament right now.