The last couple of weeks

It occurred to me that there might be people who don’t read the comments and thus missed my explanation of why there has been a lack of updates recently. My father had a stroke and I had to make an unexpected trip back home. That, combined with having to work for the last few weekends (including THIS weekend and NEXT weekend), didn’t leave a lot of time for writing. Since I only write on weekends these days, I don’t expect to have any writing down for the next week or two. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing; I just don’t have the time or temperament right now.


  1. DarkIcon, November 7, 2010:

    Forgot to mention: the stroke wasn’t fatal and he’s recovering quite well.

  2. nate, November 8, 2010:

    Very glad to hear that your dad is recovering. I hope and pray for a complete recovery with no lingering effects.

    I fully understand the current hiatus and wait patiently for it to be over. I’ll guarantee you that unless the site goes away, or I die, I’ll keep coming back.

  3. epm, November 13, 2010:

    I also hope for the full recovery of the health of your father DI.

    In case someone is interested, I just added a little post to the Asylum Walls, under ghosts.

  4. nate, November 21, 2010:

    Is you dad doing ok still? I wish you and your family many things to be thankful for this week.

  5. nate, November 22, 2010:

    I’ll post this here, since it’s the latest series of postings.

    Movie Reivew: DAGON

    Supposedly based on the story by HPL, but I haven’t read (or can’t recall) the story so I don’t know how closely the movie follows.

    Basic plot: a small group (4) of people out on a boat are caught in a storm, and trying to reach land they run aground on some rocks. One is injured and her man stays with her while the other two take a raft and head for the small town they see on the shore. Strange things are witnessed and occur, and a trip back to the wrecked boat finds nobody left aboard.

    As expected, the town is not what it seems. They are a bunch of Dagon worshippers and sacrifice any visitors. There is some good backstory given by one of the townsfolk that explains how they became this way.

    The FX weren’t the greatest, but not too bad either. The skinning of one character while he’s still alive is done really well.

    Overall it wasn’t a great movie, but it’s probably the best I’ve seen so far based on Lovecraft’s work. I give it a 6 out of 10.

    The other movie I watched this weekend was the 1935 movie Bride of Frankenstein. Not as good as Frankenstein was, but still a good movie in it’s own right.

    I’m now tracking down The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. I caught a bit of it on a late night chiller theater, and recalled it from my childhood, so thought I’d try to see the whole thing. These old movies are interesting sometimes.

    Enough rambling. Hope your dad is doing better.

    Happy Thanksgiving this week everybody.

  6. nate, November 22, 2010:

    OK, I found my copy of the story Dagon and the movie is nothing like the story. It’s still one of the best HPL related flicks I’ve seen though.

  7. DarkIcon, November 22, 2010:

    I liked Dagon a lot. Like you, I couldn’t really remember the exact HPL story at the time I saw the movie, but it was an “above decent” flick, and certainly one of the better HPL adaptations I’ve seen.

  8. nate, November 22, 2010:

    Well, the written story is about a lone person stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean, waking up to find out that they are now on a floating mass, speculating that it a piece of the ocean floor that broke loose and floated to the surface, and in wandering around they witness the typical HPL ancient horrors and associated religious objects.

    The movie of the same title didn’t really have anything in common with the written story, but it was still decent.

    I’m still waiting for the rumored big screen versions of The Thing At The doorstep and At The Mountains Of Madness.

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