In Deed: Page 109

As promised, here is page 109 of “In Deed”.

Yes the story is almost over, but clearly it is not over YET. There won’t be an update on Friday.


  1. nate, November 24, 2010:

    Oh great. Ethan said he’s seen where this thing came from, so now I have to go back through the whole story and try to figure out where.

    Excellent page. Great place to stop for the holiday.

    Have a great one.

  2. DarkIcon, November 24, 2010:

    He means the mine. But keep in mind that he’s already been wrong once, he could be wrong now. What he and Stryger thought was going on turned out to be wrong… they interpreted the clues incorrectly, but logically based on what they knew at the time. He’s figuring it out now, but he’s still missing a big chunk. We’ll all find out what that is in a few pages.

  3. nate, November 24, 2010:

    I had figured it had something to do with that cavern full of bodies.

    Once again I’m remined of the movie Ghosts of Mars.

  4. nate, January 24, 2011:

    Oh well, it’s been 2 months now waiting for the next page. I’ll keep checking back and hoping that things improve for our favorite online author. I trust that when things do improve, he’ll be back. Until then I’ll just keep checking and dropping random comments so the world knows I’m still around.

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