Still Here

No, not me. You. Hello? Anybody…?

Obviously, I’ve been away. I didn’t actually go anywhere (except to the parents’ house for Christmas), but I needed some time away from… well… everything. Nothing drastic has happened, nobody is dead or in the hospital.

I took some vacation time away from Job#1 and used a lot of that time to put in more hours on Job#2, so that I could afford to have electricity, gas and running water this month. Oh yeah, did I mention the pay cut that kicks in this month? Umm… yeah there is one. Between two jobs, job hunting (for a better Job#1) and the various other things I do on the internet to try and earn a few more cents a month, I’m still behind on just about every bill I’ve got. It’s certainly not as bad as it could be or has been, but it isn’t exactly encouraging either. For the past few weeks, anything that didn’t involve at least the possibility of earning money was on hold. Still is, in fact.

So obviously I haven’t been doing any writing. I haven’t checked this site since my vacation started, and if Werewolf hadn’t emailed me I probably wouldn’t be here now. I’m just letting you know that I’m still around and that I hope to pick up writing again soon. But when writing comes after two jobs, a wife, and a serious commitment to finding another source of income, it doesn’t look good. Even on weekends it doesn’t look good.

So anyway, that’s where things are.


  1. danny, January 3, 2011:

    Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Taking care of your family is the most important thing you can do.

    Sorry none of MANY things we’ve tried to get going over the years has ever panned out. Hopefully something will pop soon and give you a little breathing room.

  2. nate, January 3, 2011:

    I’m still here. Checking faithfully several times a week. Heck, even the news today made me think of you.

    Thousands of birds dropping from the sky dead. Reminded me of the introduction to December Nights II. I never did find out who that flaming figure was, but there’s always the future if things turn better for you.

    Thanks for letting us know that you’re still on this side of the dirt. It’s not unusual for things to slow down, but when you don’t post at least a brief note in over a month I start to worry that you’ll never be back.

    Best of luck with the job searching, and other endeavors. I hope 2011 is much better to you than 2010.

    And just so you know, until this site is down for good I’ll be checking it a few times a week just to see if you, or anyone else, has anything new going on.

  3. epm, January 4, 2011:

    Well, I included this site in “Morning Coffe”, an ad on of firefox that allows me to program the computer to go to a different list of websites in each day of the week.
    I programed Dark Icon to be accessed on three days.
    In other words, my computer will check this site three times per week automatically, with the click of an Icon to activate Morning Coffe.
    Besides, I often check it from other computers.
    And I do not plan on quiting so soon.
    So, give priority to what is important, I will always be around.

  4. WeREwOLf, January 8, 2011:

    ^ What these guys said. will be in my bookmarks til the day I die.


    Holy crap, Danny you’re still around?! Nice. :)

  5. danny, January 11, 2011:

    And holy crap! Atlanta is having SnowPocalypse 2011!!! I fully expect DI to be hunkered down fearing the fools and idiots alike.

  6. nate, January 11, 2011:

    I remember his comments from last year, and was thinking the same thing. I live in Maryland, between DC and Baltimore, and I think we have the same breed of fools and idiots. The one’s who really irritate me are those who think their 4WD or AWD vehicles will allow them to drive as if the roads are clear and dry. Sure, they can take off and maybe handle better than others, but they sure as hell don’t stop any better. Once you start sliding it don’t matter what you’re in, it has become an object in motion that is now controlled by the laws of physics and will typically continue traveling in a straight line until in encounters something that makes it stop.

    All that to say, why can’t people just stay home for a day, maybe two, and let the road crews do what their job is? Do people really not have enough bread, milk, eggs, toilet paper, etc. that they absolutely can’t stay home for even one day?

  7. nate, January 11, 2011:

    The preview in the above link once again reminded me of December Nights II.

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