I finally got around to watching the first episode of “Alphas”, a new series from Syfy. It’s about a team of people with advanced abilities. I’m not going to say much about it, except the following three things:

1) It seems decent, but not great. Given the amount of hype that Syfy has been giving it, I was kinda disappointed. But it’s set to record next week. I assume it will get better.

2) Quote from me to my wife: “All that guy needs is a bald head and a wheelchair.” This thing is SO MUCH of an X-Men ripoff that it’s not funny. No, literally… it’s not funny. Fortunately there are no metal claws, laser beams, or leather uniforms. Yet. (Not that there’s anything wrong with metal claws.)

3) The black guy is an asshole. I really want someone to punch him through a brick wall, but since HE’S the one with the super strength, somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting any satisfaction there.

Anyone else seen this thing?

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