Just to get it off my chest, here’s a list of shit that has broken in the past two months:

1) The air conditioner.
2) My wife’s car
3) My wife’s computer
4) My wife’s phone
5) MY phone
6) The toilet!?!
7) My car.
8) My faith that this is a fair and just world.

Bitter? What do you think.


  1. nate, July 17, 2011:

    Washing machine needed repaired, twice.
    Daughter’s car. needed repaired.
    Son’s cell phone needed replaced.
    Lawn mower needed repaired.
    Farm equipment broke and needed repaired.
    3 deaths this week alone. One neighbor, one brother of a lady at church, and a 41 year old cousin of mine.
    Still need to replace tires on two cars, including mine which I’m now driving 46 miles to work each day, and of course 46 miles back.

    I don’t know how you ever had faith that the world was even slightly fair and just. Even my Christian faith is having trouble some times.

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