In Deed, Page 111

A fresh page of the scifi/horror serial, “In Deed” is waiting in the Library.


  1. nate, July 25, 2011:

    Allright! What a great way to start a Monday morning, with another page of this story. I haven’t gone back and re-read the previous 100+ pages yet, but I guess once the last few are posted I’ll do my usual trick and combine them all into a single file, then move it over to my Nook and read the whole thing at once.

    I can’t express how glad I am that you’ve returned to writing in some capacity. It’s a shame that circumstances have conspired to keep you from doing more, but I do hope you’re finding some satisfaction with what you’re able to do.

  2. Caber, July 26, 2011:

    Good to see a little action here. I had begun to think this was another place claimed by the void.

  3. nate, July 26, 2011:

    Tell your friends that there’s some new material here. Encourage them to check out the old stuff too. It would be wonderful to have this place back to what it was about 8 years ago.

  4. Caber, July 27, 2011:

    Asking to turn back the clock 8 years is a tall order. Maybe 7 years, 11 months and 29 days? Turning attention to the current story at hand, I would say those nannites are a persistent crew, makes me wonder if they are in charge of sending out all the spam emails everyone gets.

    Not sure if anyone here has ever watched the old BBC show “Blake’s Seven”, but I am definitely picturing Shaw as Soolin in my mind.

  5. nate, July 27, 2011:

    What I’d like to see, along with the recent return of DI’s writing, is the return of several others who were contributing stories on the old Asylum Walls. Some of those stories were worth reading also.

    DI’s return is enough to keep me happy though. I’m very anxius to see how In Deed is going to wrap up.

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