Danger: Construction Ahead

It’s time to make a few changes. In an effort to bring this site back to what it once was, I’ve decided to revamp the Asylum Walls. And by “revamp”, I mean “completely tear it down and start over.”

The existing forum has been infested with spammers for years. Literally. I stopped trying to clean them out a long time ago, now the only way to get the place right again is to completely drain the pool and bring in a few tanker trucks full of bleach.

So I’m starting fresh with a new database, new software, and (eventually) a cool new design. The revamp will include some new sections where, hopefully, we can get some cool discussions and even some fiction going again.

What about the existing content? Yes, I know there is a lot of it, and I know that some of you still check it out from time to time while I’m having one of my “screw it, I quit” hiatuses. The fate of that old content depends almost entirely on YOU. I have backup copies of the Asylum Walls, and fully intend to make one more final one before I tear it down. But here’s the thing…

I have neither the time nor energy to do anything with that backup right now, nor will I have any for a long while. At some point in the probably distant future, I may comb through it, pick out a few gems and post them to the new forum. You can take that last sentence to mean “It ain’t gonna happen in our lifetime unless I win a tax-free lottery payable in Southern Comfort and gold bullion”.

So if YOU have a favorite story, section, or discussion from the Asylum Walls, then YOU need to head over there RIGHT NOW and download your own personal copy of it. Once the new forum goes up, you are more than welcome to post it there yourself rather than sit around waiting for me to do it. Yes, I know that some of the discussions and stories aren’t exactly in an easily downloadable and/or re-postable format… and that is exactly the point. If it isn’t worth you doing it, the it isn’t worth me doing it either. Fair? Fair. You’ve got exactly one week. Maybe a week and a half. Get busy.


  1. nate, August 4, 2011:

    Heh heh heh, I downloaded everything I liked years ago when it was first posted, saved them all to document files, and have them archived on a few different discs at home.

    Except for the stories you wrote, they’re all in the process of being converted to PDF and loaded onto my Nook.

  2. Caber, August 4, 2011:

    Looks like Nate’s on top o’ things. For my part I will try to be more active on this new forum instead of a random sporadic poster who disappears for months at a time. Now off to buy a lottery ticket in the hopes of winning some southern comfort and gold bullion.

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