Grand Re-Opening

The Asylum Walls is BACK! It’s got a brand new look with new forums and new content. Well… it WILL have new content when you guys get in there and create some.

The first thing you need to know is that, if you are a member of this blog, your same credentials should work for the new Asylum Walls. Try them out before creating a new account over there.

The usual sections are there for you to talk about stuff I’ve written. You’ll notice that there is now a forum for fan fiction. I tended to frown upon that back in the day, but I’ve since gotten over myself and created a forum just for guys to play in whichever of my sandboxes you feel drawn to. There’s also a forum for your own original fiction, assuming you don’t have a place of your own to post it.

Coming soon (but no date yet) there will be a forum for some cool shared-world fiction. I’ll post more details on that as I make them up.

There is also a special forum for the content from the old Asylum Walls. Feel free to re-post things there, or use the appropriate forum for stories.

There’s a noticeable lack of rules and guidelines right now. I’m happy to keep it that way as long as we all act like we’ve got some common sense. When newbies start showing up, I guess I’ll need to paint some lines for them to stay inside. Until then, have fun.

So get on over there and check out the new digs. If you like the cool new kickass design, thank Werewolf… the best graphic designer ever. Not only did he do all the heavy lifting, but it was his idea to revamp the forums in the first place.


  1. nate, August 28, 2011:

    I’ve seen it, and I like it. A fanfiction area huh? Maybe I’ll eventually take a shot at that. Perhaps we can see a flash fiction area? Those were fun.

    I sincerely look forward to the AW becoming very active again.

  2. nate, August 30, 2011:

    I have the In Darkness page bookmarked, and check it pretty much daily. Might I suggest a link on this page to the new Asylum Walls, and the other way around too? Keeping these two active forums linked to provide the quickest informaition to readers might be a benefit.

  3. WeREwOLf, September 1, 2011:

    Well, there IS a (small) link here to the Asylum Walls over on the right side of each blog page, it’s just buried among a bunch of other links. And on the Walls, at the top right of each page is (an equally tiny) link back to the blog. These could probably be made more obvious, as even long-time readers don’t notice ’em.

    But, I think the main issue is one of divided attention. Back in the day when the Asylum Walls were at its most active, there was no blog. So the Asylum Walls was THE method of communicating with D.I. and our fellow fans, telling stories, shooting the shit, and generally holding whatever conversations we felt like.

    Now, with the Walls back in action, we’ve got TWO avenues of communication, and things could potentially get confusing — especially for new readers. Should I reply here? What if my reply’s off-topic? Should I find a thread over there to reply to? Or should I instead create a whole new topic over there?

    New readers viewing this blog might not even know the Asylum Walls exists at all; this Grand Reopening post will eventually fall off the main page here, and the link to the Walls on the right is, as I said, very easy to miss (not to mention it isn’t very descriptive in *saying* that it’s a forum; “wtf is Asylum Walls? meh, movin’ on…”).

    I can think of a couple of possible solutions here, though there may be better ones.

    First one: At the top of the front In Darkness page, have a small section showing the title and first line of each of the latest 4 or 5 posts on the Walls, with links going directly to those entries. A sort of “what’s happening over there right now” area, right at the top of the main blog page.

    Second one: Instead of having people enter replies to posts here, direct them to a “blog replies” section of the Walls. Each blog entry would end with a link directly to the appropriate forum entry for that post on the Walls; the reader could just click the link to go there and start typing away. With the right PHP scripting I’m sure this can be done automatically without having to manually create a forum thread each time a blog entry’s made… but I’m no PHP coder; that shit’s mostly Klingon to me, but maybe Marc could pull it off.

    In the mean time, the easiest solutions are to make the links back and forth larger and more obvious (and in the right page area to facilitate that).

    Holy balls this was a long post. o.O

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