Other Side of the Eye: Page 4

As promised, things start heating up in page four of the horror serial, “Other Side of the Eye”.

For some odd reason, the commanding soldier has a German accent in my head. Now he has one in your head, too. ;)


  1. nate, September 26, 2011:

    You can still write one damn good fight scene. If anything, they’re getting better.

    This page made me think briefly of Eric Hood, and more extensively of Hars. The lead soldier, dual wielding his knives, sounded like Hars except for the part where he said to leave someone behind. I can’t picture Hars ever leaving anyone behind.

    This story is really shaping up quite well, and I look forward to each Monday now.

  2. Caber, September 27, 2011:

    No German accent in my head, though I think the leader would make Cobra Commander proud with all his cries of “Retreat!”

    Mein Gott! Was los? Ve are overvelmed!!!! Retreat!!!!!!

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