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29 Oct

No update on Monday

I meant to post this earlier, but time got away from me (translation: I’m lazy and I forgot). I’m celebrating my birthday (and Halloween) this weekend, so no writing will be done. Call it a week off.

23 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, Page 8

The library has been updated with page 8 of “Other Side of the Eye”.

Originally, pages 7 and 8 were supposed to be one page, but the text ran too long. That explains why 7 ends in a sort of odd place (in my opinion).

Oh… and before you ask: It looks exactly like what you THINK it looks like. You’ll understand when you read the page.

16 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, Page 7

Here it is. Enjoy.

15 Oct

Review: The Thing (the NEW one)

I’m not sure… but I may have just seen the greatest movie ever made. I don’t know what the critics are saying about this Thing, but if they tell you that it’s garbage and not to waste time seeing it… they are lying. Either that, or they’ve been attacked, eaten and replicated. In which case you should track them down and set them on fire immediately.

This movie is glorious.
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9 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, Page 6

Page 6 is up. You know where to go, but in case you don’t, here’s the link..

2 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, Part 5

Things get worse in page 5 of “Other Side of the Eye”. She’s definitely not in Kansas… or Alabama any more.