Other Side of the Eye, page 9

Page 9 is ready.


  1. nate, November 7, 2011:

    Well, the week off certainly didn’t take away from your writing. This page was excellent! I love it when you describe electrical attacks. But of course your accuracy there hearkens back to your real life expertise.

    In keeping with the Wizard of Oz theme, instead of dropping a house your character did the job with an SUV. Good one!

    Already looking forward to next Monday.

  2. DarkIcon, November 7, 2011:

    Ding Dong The Witch is Dead!
    dee’s stun baton is an actual device. I don’t own one, but it looks pretty impressive.

  3. nate, November 7, 2011:

    Actual device? Is the voltage really in the millions? Post a link for it.

  4. nate, November 7, 2011:

    Here’s a movie rumor that reminded me of In Deed:

    Sony has acquired the Roland Emmerich project and will release it May 2013 — provided the Mayans were wrong, of course. Casting is therefore proceeding apace for the role of Adam, “a young man whose body is made up a swarm of nanobots, giving him all sorts of power.”

  5. DarkIcon, November 7, 2011:

    Here is the stun baton on amazon.

  6. nate, November 7, 2011:

    4 MILLION Volts! Damn! I’d get into trouble with that thing…

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