Other Side of the Eye, page 12

Page 12 of the horror serial “Other Side of the Eye” is in the library.
Next Week: The Yellow Brick Road.


  1. nate, December 5, 2011:

    And with page 12 we get our first glimpse of the Emerald City, although I don’t think she’s in Kansas and I’m willing to bet there’ll be some big surprises along the way she’s taking.

  2. epm, December 5, 2011:

    She is not in Kansas and she knows it.
    A difficult situation, avoiding civilization is complicated and walking alone with a strange beast in a town whose customs she doesn´t knok may be worse.
    Imagine if all women in this society are confined to a “Gineceu” ( a part of the house where women used to be confined).

  3. DarkIcon, December 5, 2011:

    She won’t be alone for very long. Besides… she has the dog, who has so far kicked more ass than she has.

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