Other Side of the Eye, Page 13

The next page of the horror serial fiction story “Other Side of the Eye” is in the library.

Next Week: Scarecrow! (AwwwwYEAH!)

And now a trivia question: What is the meaning of the label on Dee’s backpack? If you don’t know what the label says, re-read the very first page. First person to answer correctly wins bragging rights, ’cause that’s all I got to give.


  1. nate, December 12, 2011:

    By “label” I’m assuming you mean the tag that’s attached to the strap? At this point I have no idea what the meaning is. Anyone else have an idea?

  2. Caber, December 12, 2011:

    Battery Operated Boyfriend? Yes, I googled it. That and a stroller called “BOB” came up. Also a reference to Hurricane Robert. Bob, the videogame? Bob Marley? Bob the tomato?

    Is that pic to the right under Welcome supposed to be Zade? Is it foreshadowing we will be seeing her again soon?

    Scarecrow should be fun.

    I like the wizard of oz. I like tin-man. Bragging rights to who can guess what movie the first two lines of this paragraph come from.

  3. DarkIcon, December 12, 2011:

    LOL @ “Battery Operated Boyfriend!” I wonder if Dee has one of them in that bag? It would kinda suck if she got it confused with that stun baton, though.

  4. epm, December 14, 2011:

    Waiting for the scarecrow.

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