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25 Mar

Other Side of the Eye, Page 25

…aaannd we’ve reached Page 25 of the fantasy/horror/scifi story “Other Side of the Eye”.
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25 Mar

Email RSS Option

I recently updated the blog to the latest version of WordPress, and along with it came the option to subscribe to the blog via email. Check it out in the sidebar if the option appeals to you.

18 Mar

Other Side of the Eye, page 24

Here’s page 24.

16 Mar

Why I Watch “Once Upon A Time”


Hell Yeah.

11 Mar

No update this week

I had a few things going on this weekend, so I didn’t have time to work on the next page. As I usually only write on weekends, this means there won’t be another page of the story until next Monday. sorry.

4 Mar

Other Side of the Eye, Page 23

Here’s page 23.