No update this week

I had a few things going on this weekend, so I didn’t have time to work on the next page. As I usually only write on weekends, this means there won’t be another page of the story until next Monday. sorry.


  1. WizardofOz, March 15, 2012:

    Real quick, this has nothing to do with your update …

    The Asylum Walls appear to be broken. When I try to post it gives a 404 error to bb-post.php

  2. WizardofOz, March 15, 2012:

    And I see that you added a plugin to share your stuff out! Excellent. Like I said, it’ll be much easier to share your stuff out this way.

  3. Caber, March 16, 2012:

    Looks like posting to the forums is working now.

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