Why I Watch “Once Upon A Time”


Hell Yeah.


  1. nate, March 17, 2012:

    I’ve never seen it. I think my youngest daughter watches it though.

  2. Caber, March 17, 2012:

    I thought I was the only one who watched this show because of the Evil Queen. well that and the always excellent Robert Carlyle. I’ve liked his acting ever since I saw Ravenous.

    Evil Queen >>>>>>>>>> goodie two shoes chick.

  3. DarkIcon, March 18, 2012:

    I don’t know which version of her I like more, the Medieval Goth Hottie or the Suburban Cougar-MILF.

    I definitely like the real-world version of Robert Carlyle’s character: Mr. Gold. Rumpelstiltskin seems a bit… over the top. But Mr. Gold has the whole “Needful Things” vibe going on.

    Overall, the show is pretty good. Not necessarily for the main storyline, but for the character development. You rarely see a show that goes that deep into so many characters.

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