Malware Warning

As far as I can tell, there is no malware on the site. Google has taken a strong dislike to some advertising code in the footers of some of the pages, so I’ve removed it and notified Google.

Getting the site removed from the malware list is entirely up to them now.


  1. WeREwOLf, August 9, 2012:

    For what it’s worth, when I got the warning I clicked the button that basically said “This site is NOT malware” (paraphrasing, don’t recall exact wording). From what I gather, Google requires a certain number of those not-malware clicks from unique visitors before removing it from their “infested blacklist”. I think.

    Anyway, I always thought there was something a bit dodgy about that whole Bitcoin thing. “Hey guys, let’s just make up our own currency and get people to ‘mine’ it!” Umm, yeah… that sounds TOTALLY legit. I’d also like to make up my own virtual money tree in my Farmville backyard and get people to plant virtual seeds for it, and somehow that’ll translate into real-world income. What could possibly go wrong!

    (Note: Werewolf does not play Farmville.)

  2. nate, August 9, 2012:

    Not getting the message now. Whatever it was, it looked “official”. I’m usually pretty cautious when something doesn’t look right.

    Anyway, I guess it’ll be next week until page 42 is ready. Will check back then.

  3. WeREwOLf, August 10, 2012:

    Ok, I just got the warning page again when trying to go to the Asylum Walls. Apparently a bit more clean-up is in order.

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