Other Side of the Eye, Page 43

I uploaded it yesterday. Here’s the link.


  1. epm, August 27, 2012:

    Take mage of oz, add Lord of the stones (rings), add a nexus of worlds …
    And a modern warplane.
    Very good. Thanks for the fun.

  2. nate, September 2, 2012:

    I’m watching the movie Super 8 and towards the end there’s a scene that made my mind flash back to December Nights II. Figured I’d note it here, since the Asylum Walls seem be hit with spam recently. Pleasantly surprised to see yet another page of the current story. Now, back to my movie.

  3. DarkIcon, September 3, 2012:

    I’ve seen that movie, and I didn’t notice the DN2 similarities until you mentioned it. I assume you mentioned the underground scenes near the end?

    Unfortunate there’s nothing I can do about the spam on the Asylum Walls. That platform only has a few anti-spam tools, and I’m using them already. The spammers shouldn’t be keeping people from using the forums though.

  4. nate, September 3, 2012:

    i was specifically referring to the scene where they enter the building to find the big hole in the ground.

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