…and then this thing happened.

Normally I don’t post personal stuff on here, but I figure I owe you guys an explanation for what may turn into a couple more weeks on hiatus. My father’s mother died quite recently, and despite not being all that close to her, there is still the usual drama that goes along with such events. I’m not fishing for sympathy (like I said, not all that close), I’m just trying not be the OLD Dark Icon that says “hey, let’s just disappear for a month and not tell anybody”. I’m also dealing with some job stuff (good stuff) that’s not mixing well with the funeral stuff as far as having free time and energy. I’m still alive, and I’ll get back to business when I can.


  1. nate, November 10, 2012:

    Fair enough. Will continue checking, as I did back in the day, until new stuff arrives.

  2. epm, November 15, 2012:

    Same as nate

  3. DarkIcon, November 19, 2012:

    Thanks. We should be back on track next Monday, if nothing else unexpected happens between now and then.

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