Magekiller on Amazon!

For those who haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, the Magekiller series is now available as an ebook on Amazon! Here’s the link-


It contains all the MK stories to date.
…and yes, this means those stories are no longer available on this website.

What ELSE it might mean, specifically any impact on the likelihood of future MageKiller stories or of ANY future stories, remains to be seen.


  1. nate, January 31, 2014:

    He He He…that’s one advantage to having downloaded all of your stories over the years.

    Still, I plugged your ebook to my friends on Facebook, and if I had a Kindle I’d order a copy just to help you out.

  2. WizardofOz, January 31, 2014:

    If you have a computer then you have a kindle. Just download the kindle software for your computer and “there ya go.”

    And anyone that gets MageKiller and leaves a review I will give my book Ice Seer to for free. Just let me know over on the forum that you left the review and I’ll shoot you the book.

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