Change is in the air…

I honestly don’t expect that there are any visitors dropping by, but in case there are, I figure I’d let you know about a few upcoming changes.

First: a lot of stories in the library are going to start disappearing.

Those that do will probably appear for sale as ebooks on Amazon, after some rewriting and/or heavy editing. This will happen later this year, with the first one MAYBE appearing around the end of this summer.

At this point, I don’t expect to take the December/Dragon’s-Inn stuff down. That isn’t to say it won’t happen, but those aren’t what I’m focusing on right now. I’m mostly focusing on the horror/sci-fi stuff, and maybe MageKiller. Look for individual announcements later this year.

Second: There will most likely be a major site redesign in the future. Everything will change; and that includes this blog. I’ve given zero thought to what the new site might look like, but I know that what I have now won’t cut it. This blog will probably go away and be replaced with a different blog, starting from scratch. The Asylum Walls will be going way. Period. Any links you have to specific content (stories, blog posts, etc.) will stop working.

Third: The obvious question… does this mean I’m going to start writing again? The annoyingly self-serving answer… it depends. If people buy my stuff on Amazon, absolutely. If not, then probably not. I’ll save the details and discussion for later… perhaps the first few posts on the new blog, whenever that happens.

Recap: This post is just a notice that SOMETHING is going to start happening around here. This something may (or may not) result in more things being written. It will definitely require some more existing content to go bye-bye. Whether all of this is something you’ll like or not, remains to be seen. That is all.

Oh, and if it’s not obvious… I’m still alive.


  1. nate, June 7, 2015:

    Well, I still check in here every few months, and I also still receive emails when there’s something new posted. That’s how I learned of this message.

    Glad you’re still around, and wish you the best with the changes.


  2. epm, June 7, 2015:

    Same here. Please let us know when you post the books in Amazon.
    You may want to check since Wildbow is living of his writting and he started in the same way that you did.
    His model of business is very similar to what you tried years ago.

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