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15 Mar

An educated opinion on Japan’s nuclear problem

It is probably not common knowledge that I used to work at a nuclear power plant. This fact is probably scary enough as it is, but trust me when I tell you that the situation in Japan is worse than you think it is.

Any time you hear the words “spent fuel rods” and “uncovered” in the same sentence, as I saw earlier today in a CNN article, then you are dealing with the potential to depopulate LARGE portions of the nearby geography. Dumping sea water onto a nuclear reactor is an act of EXTREME desperation. I am very concerned about this. Not for my OWN safety, but because a lot of people are very close to wishing they had died in the earthquake/tsunami.

ALSO, and this is speculation on my part… it seems to me that the Japanese government is understating the problem. The word “meltdown” had been thrown about entirely to freely without much explanation of what it means. I see scientists on CNN almost 24/7 explaining how earthquakes and tidal waves work… but there is a noticeable lack of folks describing in detail just how screwed the people working in/around those reactors really are. The phrase “walking dead” comes to mind. Let’s hope they get a handle on this thing.

1 Dec

Monday Morning Motivation

A bit (or a LOT) off-topic, but this collection of work-related quotes was a good find nonetheless.
Best to wait until you’re actually AT work to read it; otherwise, you’re likely to stay home.

4 Nov

Dark Icon’s Voting Manifesto

Point 1: I will not vote for the “lesser of two evils”. People have been doing that for generations, and what do they get? The EXACT same choice (with a different face) when the next election comes around. I’m done with that. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I won’t vote for evil.
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28 Sep

A Political Question

Whom do you pity more:
The man who is enslaved but thinks himself free
The man who is free, but believes himself enslaved?

20 Aug

Sometimes no other word will do:


15 Apr

How do you get your fix?

I’m talking fiction. What is your preferred method for obtaining your scifi/horror/fantasy entertainment fix? By “preferred” I mean two things… how would you LIKE to get it, and how do you get it MOST OFTEN (assuming they’re not the same).

Computer Games?
Short stories?
….online or in magazines or anthologies?
….online or physical books? How about audiobooks?

For me, it’s television and audiobooks. I haven’t read an actual physical novel in quite a while, but with audiobooks I’ve “read” the entire Dark Tower series from Stephen King, and I’m four books into the “Wheel of Time” from Robert Jordan… all books that I would never have time to read otherwise. In fact, if it weren’t for audiobooks I probably wouldn’t read novels at all… period. I just don’t have the time, and when I DO have time, I fill it with either writing or gaming.

Oddly enough, I read very few short stories, and almost NO fiction on the internet.

How ’bout you?

2 Mar

By any other name…

Yes, you can call it “communion” all you want, but when I see a symbolic ritual celebration of vampirism and cannibalism, I CALL it a symbolic ritual celebration of vampirism and cannibalism, dammit!

31 Jan

At the end…

If, at the end of it all, you were given a chance to think back upon your life, which do you think will fill your mind most:

How much work you did?

Or how much fun you had?

14 Jan


It just occurred to me that Sheridyn (from Magekiller) may very well be the medieval Jack Bauer.

Yes? No?

3 Jan

Economics, Gangs, and Why I’m Not Published

Honestly, I haven’t wanted to be published since I was in high school. I lost that desire when I hit college and realized that, for all the unpleasant work involved, the likelihood of me being the next H.P Lovecraft was slim to none. Maybe I’ll give my impressions of the publishing industry and what I mean by “unpleasant work” another day; the point is that a long time ago I realized that, no matter how hard I worked, I was probably not going to be the next Terry Brooks or Stephen King. In my opinion, true or not, success in that field was largely determined by factors other than how much or how well you wrote. So, basically, I quit the gang.

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