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12 Dec

A Letter from the Future

Through the miracle of technology, I have established communication with our future. Rather than listen to media and government hype about how ‘wonderful’ the future America must be, I requested a letter from a high-school student somewhere in the US. Children can be so brutally honest, ya know. Anyway, below is the first letter received from 2034:

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13 Nov

If Dark Icon Was a Bird

I’d be this guy:

The only thing that would make that more accurate is if the bird were actually taking a huge crap all over the sign. Anybody wanna photoshop that for me?

Oh, and about that sign… WTF?

7 Nov

Cover Letter

It’s an opportunity… too bad nobody will take it.

I’m talking about the writers’ strike. TV shows (including some I watch) are grinding to a halt and preparing to end their seasons early because the writers are walking out.

I’m not sure what the writers are upset about; I hear it has something to do with the internet and, frankly, I don’t care. I’m just wondering if anybody in Hollywood will actually have the balls to take this golden opportunity that the strike has handed them.

Golden opportunity? Yes, that’s right. Pure gold. Platinum, even.
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4 Nov

Illegal Immigration

Terrorism is not the biggest threat to our way of life here in America. The politicians just want you to think that so they can continue to ignore the REAL problem: Illegal Immigration.

You people need to wake up.

Sure, cheap labor is good for businesses, but if we don’t secure our borders TODAY then the next then you know we’ve got THIS Shit:
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30 Oct

All that money wasted

Stealth fail

29 Oct


If you could pick a superhuman ability, what would you pick and what would you use it for?

That’s not you asking ME the question, that’s me asking YOU the question. But I’ll answer it anyway:

My number-one pick would be the ability to stop time. I snap my fingers and the world stops… except for me. What would I use it for? It might sound silly, but the MAIN reason I’d use it would be to get a good night’s sleep. Seriously. I could stay up until 3:00am, sleep for 10 or 11 hours, then wake up at 3:00am and keep doing whatever it was I was doing, fully rested. I could probably use it to get a lot more work done, depending on if I could make my laptop work. The down side is that I’d appear to age faster than everyone else, but that’s okay; I’m more of a “burn brighter, not longer” kind of guy.

Other than that one, there’s only two other’s I’ve ever fantasized about having. One is telekinesis. Very powerful telekinesis… strong enough to crush a car like a soda can or send one into orbit with the flick of a finger. What would I do with it? Let’s just say that the term “road rage” would take on an entirely new dimension. The third one is teleportation. Anyone who’s spent 2 hours in Atlanta traffic trying to go 5 miles will know why I’d want that. Plus, I’m just too lazy to walk up a flight of stairs if I can avoid it.

Your turn.

5 Oct

Inherently Unsafe

Stop trying to make the world safe for your children.
Instead, you should spend your energies making your children ready for a world that is inherently unsafe.

30 Sep

Dark Icon vs. Jena 6

Waaaaay off-topic, but I gotta speak my mind on this one.

The story:
Some white kids don’t like some black people in their high school, so they think its cool (or funny), hang some nooses from a tree. This sparks a bunch of violence and later, one of these young geniuses ends up getting the ever-loving fuck beaten out of him by some black dudes. Black dudes are now going to court for beating the ever-loving fuck out of somebody. Cue the Civil Rights whores on stage left.

Okay, those are the facts. Now my take:
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17 Sep

How accurate is “Pretty Damned,” exactly?

I wandered across the “Which Supervillian Are You?” quiz and decided to give it a whirl.

My result:


You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.

Click here to take the “Which Super Villain am I?” quiz…

4 Sep

Two groups of people

There are two groups of people you should always associate with as much as possible:

People smarter than you
Because no matter how much you know, there’s still a lot you can learn.

People younger than you
For the exact same reason.