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30 Jun

So it begins!

The changes I mentioned in my previous post are underway. The Asylum Walls? Gone. A few choice selections from the Library? Gone. The main page? Gone… but replaced by a new blog that’s still very much in a default (and ugly) state. Getting a choice theme and some cool graphics isn’t real high on my list of things to do right now, but it’ll get done eventually.

Sadly, there’s no way to transfer the user accounts from THIS blog to the new one. You’ll have to sign up there if you want to interact and keep track of further developments. There probably won’t be more posts on this blog, although it will still remain up for a while.

So I guess this is it, then. The end of InDarkness. The beginning of something else.

See you on the other side.

31 Jan

Magekiller on Amazon!

For those who haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, the Magekiller series is now available as an ebook on Amazon! Here’s the link-


It contains all the MK stories to date.
…and yes, this means those stories are no longer available on this website.

What ELSE it might mean, specifically any impact on the likelihood of future MageKiller stories or of ANY future stories, remains to be seen.

10 Dec

Other Side of the Eye, Page 53

…and here’s page 53.

2 Dec

Other Side of the Eye, page 52

Back to more normal-length episodes this week. Enjoy.
Here’s the link.

25 Nov

Other Side of the Eye, Page 51

Here’s the link to a shorter-than-usual page 51. Rather than wait another week to post anything new, I went with what I had time for.

21 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, Page 50

Here is page 50 of the story.

Full Disclosure:
The scenes described in the second half of the story are reminiscent of (and inspired by) the movie The Thing. As if knowing that will somehow make you LESS likely to read it. :)

Oh Yeah:
There won’t be a chapter next week. Sucks, I know, but I’ll be busy celebrating my birthday. I’m taking some time off and I intend to spend it watching movies and playing video games. So there.

14 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, Page 49

Here’s page 49 of the dark fantasy serial “Other Side of the Eye”

7 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, page 48

Here is page 48.

1 Oct

Other Side of the Eye, page 47

Here’s the link to the new page.

Looks like somebody’s mad.

20 Sep

Vacating the Premises

The time has come to move on to better pastures.

Yes, I’m finally changing web hosting companies. Quite soon, in fact. Somewhere around Friday/Saturday-ish. The move shouldn’t be much of an issue, but if you show up intending to read something and find the site… umm… missing… then either you’ve managed to tune in during the transition period or something has gone horribly wrong with the move.

My first priority is getting the stories moved over. That’s just a simple matter of uploading some files and maybe tweaking a PHP setting or two. This blog and the Asylum Walls may take a bit more work, since there are databases that need to be relocated. Once the stories comes back online, expect SOME kind of outage in both of those areas, but hopefully nothing lasting longer than a few hours to a day. All of the email addresses will likewise be spotty through the weekend. Those who correspond with me regularly have my other addresses.

If something catastrophic occurs (I don’t even know what that might be), my back-up plan is to throw the entire Dark Icon site (minus the blog and forum) up onto the until I get whatever it is sorted out. You can check there for news if this thing goes bad.

So there you have it. Short version: Don’t panic if the site disappears this weekend. DO panic if it is still gone on Monday, but I just gave you the fallback location.