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17 Sep

Other side of the Eye, Page 46

…I THINK it’s page 46. I think I lost a week or two somewhere. But the story still makes sense, so let’s just go with it.
Here’s the link.

3 Sep

Other Side of the Eye, Page 45

Here’s page 45 of the dark fantasy serial, Other Side of the Eye

It seems that I neglected to make a post for page 44, so here’s the link to that.

20 Aug

Other Side of the Eye, Page 43

I uploaded it yesterday. Here’s the link.

12 Aug

Other Side of the Eye, Page 42

Here it is.

There’s quite a few interesting tidbits scattered throughout this week’s chapter.

8 Aug

Malware Warning

As far as I can tell, there is no malware on the site. Google has taken a strong dislike to some advertising code in the footers of some of the pages, so I’ve removed it and notified Google.

Getting the site removed from the malware list is entirely up to them now.

29 Jul

Other Side of the Eye, Page 41

Here’s Page 41.

22 Jul

Other Side of the Eye, Page 40

Here’s Page 40.

15 Jul

Other Side of the Eye, Page 39

Here’s page 39 of the dark fantasy serial “Other Side of the Eye,” featuring a version of the Lion that you least expected given the story so far!

Keep reading for the answer to last week’s question, and a bit of behind-the-scenes discussion.
Full Story »

8 Jul

Other Side of the Eye, Page 38

Here’s page 38

Trivia Question:
Where does Dee’s dog’s name come from?

I thought I had asked this before, but a quick search tells me that I hadn’t. Apologies if I’m repeating myself.

1 Jul

Other Side of the Eye, Page 37

Here’s Page 37.

Behind the scenes:
“I can’t really have a fight scene so soon after the last one. That’d be a bit too much. Don’t want to overdo it…”
“…what the hell am I thinking!?”

Also, apparently I forgot to make a blog post for page 36, but the page itself has been there since last week. Sorry about that.