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7 Nov

The last couple of weeks

It occurred to me that there might be people who don’t read the comments and thus missed my explanation of why there has been a lack of updates recently. My father had a stroke and I had to make an unexpected trip back home. That, combined with having to work for the last few weekends (including THIS weekend and NEXT weekend), didn’t leave a lot of time for writing. Since I only write on weekends these days, I don’t expect to have any writing down for the next week or two. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing; I just don’t have the time or temperament right now.

2 Sep


I lost another hard drive last night. It didn’t have anything vital (like writing), but it did have quite a few things that I really didn’t want to go without. Like my ENTIRE music collection.

Good thing I had it backed up.

Let’s plug in this other external hard drive that I have sitting around…

…huh? What’s that smell?

Is that smoke!?

…the fuck!? NO! NOOOOOO!

Sometimes I swear… The universe may not hate me, but it is CLEARLY an asshole and thinks that I’m an asshole too.

24 Feb

Snowpocalypse II: The Second Coming!


Snowing again. Not sticking, but we’re preparing for immediate evacuation, not to mention the Rapture.

13 Feb


Four inches of snow in some parts of Atlanta last night.

Four inches.

Dear God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?

Depending on where you live that may not sound like much, but the operative part of that first line was not “four inches” but “in Atlanta”. Not Philadelphia. Not New York. Not Fargo. Atlanta. Let me put this in perspective for you:
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15 Jan

His Name was Logan

My Cocker Spaniel… a permanent fixture in my home for 15 years… died last night. It wasn’t unexpected for me, but my wife (who has been recovering from an extended illness) didn’t know he was on his way out until last night. Thankfully she got a chance to say goodbye. Hopefully she’ll understand and not hate me for keeping it a secret. I don’t think dogs are capable of hate, but if they are, I hope Logan understood that there was nothing I could do for him. He was increasingly erratic and annoying in his later years, but he was our friend.

That’s about all I can say right now, other than that this has turned out to be a pretty shitty week.

13 Jan

What’s this popup? Oh hell… OH HELL!

Since Saturday night I’ve been involved in an epic battle against the trojan that installed itself on my machine. Well… it didn’t install ITSELF, I was a bit too quick while surfing the web; my hands were faster than my brain and I clicked on the WRONG DAMN THING…

…next thing I know, my machine is literally going insane right before my eyes. My anti-malware app gives a brief warning and then promptly shits itself. To Death. Certain security websites are unreachable. I get repeated authentic-seeming windows popups telling me that I have been infected with every species of malware known to man. Some random new “anti-malware” program attempts to install itself every five minutes. Every few seconds, the (authentic-seeming) Windows Security Center screen opens in an attempt to lure me into buying more security software. The machine locks up every time I try to boot into safe mode.

And, while I’m busy googling and virus scanning… my computer shuts down. No, it didn’t crash… it SHUT DOWN.



The rest of the weekend and the last two days were interesting. I got my computer to at least ACT as if it were under my control, and it passes scans from the handful of malware-scanners I’ve thrown at it since. Of course, I can’t be 100% sure it’s clean until I try a few more things, and even then I can only be about 90% sure, so I may end up re-installing the OS.

Needless to say, not a lot of writing got done over the past few days. Not a lot of writing will get done in the NEXT few days, and the weekend may be devoted to port scanning and other attempts to break into my own machine just to see if there are any holes still open.

Fortunately, no data was lost YET. I’ll get back to writing when I can trust the machine that I write on.

28 Sep

Back from Vacation

The wife and I are back from 7 days in Hawaii. I’m not a beach person, but she had a good time so that means I had a good time, too. Right now we’re both dealing with jetlag… and I’m flying out to Maine bright and early tomorrow morning. And I DO mean early! I’ll be there for two solid weeks; won’t even be coming home on the weekend like I normally do.

Obviously there was no new content today. Barring some sort of emergency, there will be a new page of “The Forgotten” on Wednesday. There *might* be one on Friday; that depends on how work and jetlag go over the next couple of days.

Thanks for your patience.

16 Aug

Next Few Weeks

There hasn’t been much in the way of updates recently due to issues at work. Unfortunately, this situation is likely to continue through the end of August. There will *probably* be an update this Wednesday, and that’s it for this week. The week following that is my company’s convention, which will have me dedicating my every waking hour to not stabbing people entertaining clients. Whether there will be updates during that week or not depends on how much (if any) writing I can get done between now and then. Things should return to normal after that.

1 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 30

So I was a bit off when I said the story was halfway done. You should have known by now never to believe me when I estimate story lengths! ;) But this time for sure, we’re (probably) not going to see another 30 pages of this one. Maybe.

Anyway, here’s Page 30 of “The Forgotten”.

30 Apr

The Internet has Discovered Mother’s Day.

For the past three days, my old science-fiction story Mother’s Day has enjoyed a huge spike in traffic, all of which is from stumbleupon. I guess somebody “discovered” the story and a lot other people seem to like it. I don’t know why I’m posting about it here, but unexpected traffic spikes are always fun to watch.

Coincidentally, while stumbling random sites just yesterday, the service brought me to the “Mother’s Day” page, making it the first time I’ve stumbled upon one of my own pages. I gave it a thumb’s-up. ;)