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9 Aug

From the Archives: What Ever Happened to Janie Feinburg?

I came across this story during a recent search of my hard drive. It’s not all that old… April, 2009. My intent was to create a superhero fiction series using the 500-words format that I’m still using now. This was to be the first story of that series, introducing not only an entire collection of interesting characters, but the world they inhabited and its very long history as well. I spent a LOT of time coming up with a LOT of back-story for this universe. If you have ever read comic books, imagine coming up with the ENTIRE history of the Marvel or DC universe… just as backstory. Yeah, I did that. Those notes weren’t with this story fragment, so I’m not sure they survived. After re-reading it, there are a few places where I can’t remember what I had in mind, although it’s a safe bet that every name and event that is mentioned was supposed to be significant in some way.

Speaking of names, there is ONE name here that you might find familiar. I’ll leave the research to you. I’ll have a few more comments after the fragment.

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24 Feb

The Coming of Three

The Coming of Three is a fantasy novel co-authored by myself and Danny Wall back around 1999-2000. Our intention was to: FIRST – get the damned thing published and SECOND – use it as a springboard for a larger epic consisting of at least a trilogy, possibly more. With the first novel finished and the second already in the works, we set about trying to polish it into something actually worthy of commercial publishing. We edited. We sought feedback. We added, shuffled, and removed chapters. We changed major aspects of the story. We did it all. Somewhere in the arduous web of re-writes and edits, we both lost interest and moved on to other projects. Judging from my notes, the novel had gone through between four and six major drafts before we called it quits.

That’s unfortunate, as it means that there is an entire novel out there that none of you have read. Yet!
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24 Apr

Flash Fiction: Love and Psychopaths

She met him at her mother’s funeral. So kind. So handsome. It was love at first sight. …but the stranger vanished before she could capture his heart (or his name). She had no choice but to go home that very night and slit her sister’s throat…. so that love could have another chance to bloom.

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23 Apr

Flash Fiction: Those Tiny Eyes.

I posted another piece of 55-word flash fiction over on
This one is called “Those Tiny Eyes“.
Inspired by and dedicated to some recent activity over on the Asylum Walls. Enjoy.

19 Apr

Flash Fiction: Final Entry

“A stranger came to town today.”

Journal of Emile Thare of Filmon’s Field, Watchlands – Final Entry.
Town discovered abandoned two days after this entry was made.
Homes were abandoned; The streets were filled with ash.

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16 Apr

From the Archives: The Traveler

This is both old and new. The original text was written several long years ago, but was lost in the Great Hard Drive Apocalypse of 2007. I recently re-wrote this intro… almost exactly as it was… because the idea kept nagging me. It has since stopped nagging, and now I’ve got the exact same story fragment that I had before, minus the notes.
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14 Apr

The Coming of Three, excerpt

Back in 2000, Danny Wall and I wrote a novel that was, we hoped, going to be the start of a series. After much writing and re-writing and shopping around for publishers, the entire project fell by the wayside as we both moved on to other things. I’ve still got a copy of what I think is the most recent draft, and there’s been some recent interest in distributing it directly. The easiest way to do this would probably be the Paypal-and-PDF download model that I’m currently using for the bonus stories. Before I can do that, however, the novel does still need one more round of editing and tweaking. I will, however, offer the first two chapters now for you to preview. Sometime in the next few months, I’ll have the entire thing ready for those who are interested.
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20 Mar

From the Archives: The Salesman

This is a story fragment… the first scene of a first chapter that will likely never be finished. Unlike most of the other “From the Archives” stuff I’ve posted, this one is relatively recent. I wrote it last year, shortly after returning from a trip to New Orleans. When I finished this bit, I was surprised at how dark it was… a good bit darker than the stuff I usually write, if you can imagine that. And if you can’t, then just read it for yourself. More details follow the story.

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8 Feb

Doing it wrong

It was amazing what fools could be talked into doing. Those who knew better were either not there at all, or were standing far enough back to ensure their safety. Smoke pacified them somewhat, but its wielder got too close. Being attacked by angry wasps was bad enough, but NOW the wasps were on fire…

1 Feb

Flash Fiction: Valentine’s Day 2058

“I’m so embarrassed-”
“Don’t be. I’m programmed for human interaction. I have realistic responses… false memories… it’s not your fault you thought I was real.”
“Yes but… I LOVED you!”
“Loved? Past tense? Why? Nothing has changed.”
“Yes it has! You’re just a computer program pretending to be a person!”
“Yes. And so are you.”