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25 Jan

Flash Fiction: Old School

Guns. What a joke. Do you know how hard it is to deliver consistent head shots at anything approaching a “safe” distance? And what happens when the bullets run out? Back were the days of plate armor and longswords; good for all occasions. Dead or alive… it can’t chase you if it doesn’t have legs.

18 Jan

Flash Fiction: Harmless

It was an ancient strain that had existed for millions of years… stable and harmless. But after generations of infection-paranoid hypochondriacs assaulted it with antibiotic drugs and antibacterial soap, it finally went extinct. No one mourned the loss of a common, harmless bacteria… least of all the alien invaders who were fatally allergic to it.

11 Jan

Flash Fiction: Locked for a Reason

The room was locked from the inside. And empty. We figured it out pretty quickly. They didn’t do it to save themselves; but rather to save everyone else. The pathogen liquefied their bodies, and the resulting puddles of infectious goo evaporated into the air. The same air we’d been breathing since we opened the door.

4 Jan

Flash Fiction: Date With Destiny

“I know I messed up, but she was gonna die anyway.”
“In two hours. At the mall. You slammed her Porsche into a wall instead. That changes everything.”
“So how do we fix it?”
“I’ll bring her back. You’ll walk her into that store and in front of that bullet. Now go find her head.”

28 Dec

Flash Fiction: Same Old Game… Brand New Rules.

A year ago, I didn’t even know Haiti had organized crime. But now I’ve got a new respect for the bastards. They changed the game completely. We found our last informant’s head in a box, buried in a corn field. Finding him wasn’t that hard. Once we got close we could just follow the screams.

I haven’t figured out how a severed head can scream, either. But there it is…

21 Dec

Flash Fiction: The Book of Dark Places

The mind can open portals, but to do so it must become unshackled from the illusions of reality. Once separated from the concepts of “what is” and “what cannot be,” our thoughts become passageways through which we can flee… and other things can enter. Sometimes those who go insane leave the door open behind them.

14 Dec

Flash Fiction: Survival of the Fittest

Our time was close. We didn’t have the element of total surprise, but we knew their weaknesses, while the latest mutations had rendered their knowledge of US obsolete. Now it was a waiting game. The cockroaches may have had the upper hand since the great fall… but winter was coming, and they didn’t have fur.

13 Dec

From the Archives: Shadows and Sentience

Actually, I don’t know WHAT the title of this story was supposed to be, but “Shadows of Sentience” sounds about right.
This was from 1995, when, apparently, I thought that the way to write a novel was to just sit down and start writing… no plan, no outline, no notes… nothing. I remember that this was supposed to be a novel about terrorists and machines and some Bruce Willis-style badass caught in the middle.

I got about one chapter in before I quit. This is it:

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12 Dec

A Letter from the Future

Through the miracle of technology, I have established communication with our future. Rather than listen to media and government hype about how ‘wonderful’ the future America must be, I requested a letter from a high-school student somewhere in the US. Children can be so brutally honest, ya know. Anyway, below is the first letter received from 2034:

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11 Dec

From the Archives: The Nature of Magic

This isn’t a story fragment, just an interesting quote I found in a text file:

“Magic is in the enigmas and mysteries, puzzles and paradoxes. At times there may be words that must be said, or rituals that must be performed… but the power lies not within these things. It lies in the willingness to do things that other men will not. To think the unthinkable, fathom the unfathomable. Conceive the inconceivable. The difference between the possible and the impossible is merely the degree to which you will go to change the latter into the former. That is the Art. Most men will never learn it, simply because they are too lazy… or because they have been deluded into thinking that it is not real… that the line between possible and impossible is inviolate by definition.”

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