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7 Jun

Change is in the air…

I honestly don’t expect that there are any visitors dropping by, but in case there are, I figure I’d let you know about a few upcoming changes.

First: a lot of stories in the library are going to start disappearing.
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18 Jul

I’d Rather Be Writing

It’s late on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I guess I’ll finally put these thoughts down before I finish my drink. I’ve been NEEDING to make this blog post for well over a month, but, well… my free time isn’t what it used to be.

Which is the kinda the point. So let’s get to it:
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25 Jun

The Coming of Three… The Sequel?

Someone emailed me and asked about the possibility of a sequel to The Coming of Three. I figured that to be the kind of question best addressed on the blog for the benefit of anybody else who was interested.
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29 Mar

Wraith: MIA

A few weeks ago I removed the scifi story “Wraith” from the Library.

Regular visitors probably haven’t noticed, since they’ve probably read the story already. New visitors probably figured the non-functioning link was a mistake.

It isn’t.
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24 Feb

The Coming of Three

The Coming of Three is a fantasy novel co-authored by myself and Danny Wall back around 1999-2000. Our intention was to: FIRST – get the damned thing published and SECOND – use it as a springboard for a larger epic consisting of at least a trilogy, possibly more. With the first novel finished and the second already in the works, we set about trying to polish it into something actually worthy of commercial publishing. We edited. We sought feedback. We added, shuffled, and removed chapters. We changed major aspects of the story. We did it all. Somewhere in the arduous web of re-writes and edits, we both lost interest and moved on to other projects. Judging from my notes, the novel had gone through between four and six major drafts before we called it quits.

That’s unfortunate, as it means that there is an entire novel out there that none of you have read. Yet!
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17 Dec

Next Year

There have been a couple of comments asking about the donation rewards and a few other things. I figured my reply would be better suited to a full post rather than a comment.

I’ll preface the following by saying that nothing is absolute, and my mind may change about any number of things in the next few weeks. No surprise there.
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7 Jul

July Bonus Story: Parker’s Last Hunt

Better late than never!

This month, the bonus story earned by those who donate $5.00 to the website is called “Parker’s Last Hunt”. It’s another in a string of horror stories, although this one is much less Lovecraftian than the last few.
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15 Jun

Status Report and Current Projects 6/15/08

For the past few weeks there haven’t been any of those “Writing Journal” posts listing what (and how much) I’ve been writing. The reason for that is that I haven’t been writing much of anything. I’ve been on the road for the last four weeks (Stamford, Baton Rouge, Chicago) and even this week will be spent partially in Oak Ridge, TN. This type of bullshit travel schedule isn’t very conducive to writing, and so I haven’t been doing anything beyond the bare-minimum required to keep “Court of the Abominatrix” on schedule: a measly 1500 words a week.

That’s hardly worth making a special blog post about, so I said to hell with that whole thing.

But there are a few things that need to be mentioned and/or explained:
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1 Jun

June Bonus Story: The Confession of Frank Mallory

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3 May

May Bonus Story: The Text

It’s a new month, so that means it’s time for a new bonus story, for people who donate $5.00 to the site.

It’s back to horror this month. “The Text” has a Lovecraftian feel to it, and it may remind you of “In the Mouth of Madness” a little. That’s intentional.
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