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13 Jan

In Deed: Page 29

Here’s page 29 of “In Deed”
It’s a bit late, for reasons that will be explained in another post.

9 Dec

In Deed: Page 17

Right here:

4 Oct

Nothing new here…

There’s no update today. I’m still in Maine, still working on my 13-day work week. Nothing’s been written since last Monday.

10 Jul

Friday’s update (7/10/2009)

It’s done, but I literally do not have to spellecheck/convert/upload it until this evening. Check back tomorrow (or much later today) and it should be there even if I don’t make a post about it.

24 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 27

Here is page 27 of “The Forgotten”

17 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 24

Here’s page 24 of “The Forgotten”. Sorry for the delay.

10 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 21

Here’s page 21 of the fantasy serial, “The Forgotten”.

8 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 20

Here’s page 20 of “The Forgotten”

6 May

The Forgotten: Page 9

Here’s Page 9 of the Dragon’s Inn story: “The Forgotten”

1 May

The Forgotten: Page 7

Right here.