Contacting Dark Icon

My preferred email address is currently DarkIcon [at] Bookofdarkplaces [dot] com. (I think you can figure it out from there.) I used to use as my main address, however that one became so cluttered with spam that it is now unusable. I do still check it, but on a weekly basis instead of almost hourly like I do with the bookofdarkplaces address. If you send something to the old address, it may be a while before I get back to you… if I even see it at all.

But email is so 90’s… what about Web 2.0!?

I have memberships in a lot of sites like Digg, MySpace, stumbleupon, etc., and at a handful of horror/fantasy related forums. With the exception of stumbleupon, I don’t use any of them regularly. I do plan to start using my MySpace page soon, though. To the few people who’ve managed to find me on Yahoo and MSN: I’m not dodging you or avoiding you, I just don’t log on there more than once every few weeks. Sorry. My ICQ address has been unused for literally years. If you see a “Dark Icon” profile listed on the web somewhere, it may or may not be me. If it doesn’t have a link back to one of my websites, assume it isn’t. Even if it is mine, any message you leave there probably won’t be seen for several days.

So how CAN you interact with me? This blog and the Asylum Walls are the preferred methods. Obviously you can’t initiate a conversation here on the blog, but that’s what the AW is for. Questions asked via email or AW will be answered the same way, unless I think the answer is of general interest, in which case I may answer it on the blog.